The best Instagram bot and what you should know about it

First i want to point out that i am not affiliated with FOLLOW LIKER ® in any way nor do i want to defame it or slander against it. This is just the story about how FOLLOW LIKER ® almost lost all its credibility despite the fact that it definitely is the best instagram automation software out there.


It all started when i began seeing heated discussions about the new subscription model that followliker was introducing to new AND old customers on September the 1st of 2017. I won’t deny that i have thought about trying automation software, wich Follow Liker is currently unarguably the most popular one (after Massplaner got shut down), though i just don’t think that a bot, no matter how well configured, can beat manual growth yet. I wrote an article explaining this thesis right here.


One FL licence (which was limited to one machine and could only handle a limited amount of accounts per campaign as well) was about $97 at that time and granted lifetime usage until then. Starting September the service started charging $5.99 monthly on top of the initial $97 for old and new customers, wich can become an expensive affair for people who handle lots of accounts. For those who only make a few bucks a day with their instagram accounts this even becomes a money losing business.


Here’s a statemet from followliker that has been received by a user via email:

For many years, we have offered FollowLiker with unlimited support and we constantly add great features and updates. None of those things are changing! We are committed to providing an integrated social media automation solution at a price everyone can afford.

So what is changing? FollowLiker has grown to be a must-have tool for all categories of social media marketers. Over time, the usage of FollowLiker has grown significantly to the point where we now have several millions of accounts being managed with the program. Also, the social networks have began to change the rate at which they update their systems and the rate at which new features are added.

While we are excited by the exponential growth in the industry, we also want to ensure that we can maintain our commitment to offering unlimited access to the key and upcoming features to all users. To keep this commitment and to ensure the survival of the FollowLiker program, we are introducing a $5.99 monthly subscription.

This subscription plan will do two things:

– Allow the FollowLiker team to employ more hands in handling the frequent changes being made by the social networks.
– Increase the number of FollowLiker license servers distributed around the world.

Monthly subscription is on per-license basis. Payment will occur only once a month regardless of the number modules under a license. If two licenses are merged, monthly subscription for one of the licenses will be canceled.

You will be required to key into the subscription program on or before September 1, 2017. You can do that by clicking the „Help->Renew Subscription“ menu in the software.

Thanks for your patronage, support and understanding.


As you can imagine, most people weren’t understanding. Who would blame them! Some weeks (and some really harsh forum posts) later another statement from a blackhatworld user named „weblues“, who seemed to be directly affiliated with, or even the official representative of Followliker, informed the people about a new decision:


„Let me first apologize for any inconvenience this decision might have caused, but due to the complications that have been building up in the last 14 weeks, we need to ensure the continuity of our product.

I understand that many users are concerned, but I can assure you that this is for the best.

Although we didn’t mention „lifetime“ on our website or anywhere, I understand why some users feel they paid for life, but diminishing return is setting in. We need to balance our processes. I encourage users that are concerned to reason from our perspective for a moment.

This isn’t greed as some people are saying, it’s more about progress, systems are getting more complex and it requires us to bring in more expertise to handle them and this will cost us money.

The subscription plan will start in September and not now.

Monthly subscription is on per-license basis. Payment of $5.99 will occur only once a month regardless of the number modules under a license. If two licenses with different modules are merged, monthly subscription for one of the licenses will be canceled.

The subscription will commence only after the first month of license purchase. Users will not be charged until the second month.

If you have licenses that you are not yet using, you can defer the subscription renewal till the time/month you will be using the licenses.

Even if you don’t renew a license’s subscription, the license will still be active and you will be able to install and open the software, add your accounts, settings…

We had no better option than to start this subscription program. We have to put some things in place which will ensure the survival of the program.

We have been with you for some years now, I just wish some users will understand our position here.



After a shitload of replies to that where users where pondering on the „lifetime“ thing, there was this final statement from the same user who wrote the above:


„Please show me where we specifically mentioned LIFETIME?

The way some users are speaking here is just unfortunate.

You expect to continue to receive updates, support for ever despite us not mentioning LIFETIME anywhere.

Do you even think we just woke to change things, why are some users talking this way.

Many users use the software for business, they collect money from the client on monthly basis but because we introduced a $5 after years, now that’s not good but you can keep charging your clients monthly.

Many users are reselling our license and collecting monthly fee secretly since 2014 but we never said anything.

Since last year we keep deferring monthly payment and kept running everything without complaint.“


You can’t blame a company for their intention to make money. So what we can learn from this might be at least, that you should be careful with your wording and business decisions when you are having a user base that is heavily dependant on your service and you want to change the business model. But hey, in the end it all worked out and people accepted the fact that Follow Liker wasn’t a „one time pay“ software anymore.


Do you want to know more about Instagram automation? Or are you convinced that manual growth is the real deal? Let me know in the comments!

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