Growth Hacking Specialist Berlin Christian Westermann

I’m a senior software engineer specialized in web development and SEO, and i finished my 3 year long vocational training as an IT specialist in 2007. I worked as a programmer for many years in a variety of companies from big corporations to small agencies.

It was in 2008 when i realised that it’s not enough to just build good looking websites, but also to create content that brings value to the user, make it easily accessible by building a great user experience and drive traffic with an excellent content strategy. That is what SEO is about.

My blog is all about teaching and sharing my knowledge about this. Enjoy reading!


I do SEO consultancy and offer SEO services from content marketing, technical SEO, high quality backlink building, google business page optimisation and SEO workshops.

Shoot me a message and we’ll talk about how i can help your business or blog project get found online.