Instagram Top Post Strategy For Small To Medium Pages

This cool little strategy as helped me get my posts into the top post section many many times, and it’s not some spammy or annoying hack, but rather a way to make people naturally aware about your post and connect with other pages. Because that’s how to get into the top posts.

The only thing you need is time. Spend a good 30 to 60 minutes doing the following every time you make a post.

How to get top post (almost) every time

You GOT to know where you stand with your picture. Some pictures are just not meant to become top post in a tier 1 hashtag (the 7 figure ones that have been used millions and millions of times), but you can still get top post in 20 tier 3 hashtags (the 5 figure ones) wich will also give you a big amount of likes, and even a higher engagement.

Be opportune but not excessive

Always use all of the 30 allowed hashtags and begin with the very small and extremely niche ones in the range between 200 and 1000 mentions. Those will be your door openers helping you reach the next stage onto the bigger hashtags by targeting a super devoted audience.

Make sure to deliver what the hashtag promises though. If you use a hashtag like #blackandwhitecomicbooks your image should show exactly that, and not a colored storybook or anything else. Otherwise this strategy will completely backfire and the whole plan will not work out.

Good niche research is the key to success

Dig deep, and don’t try to land top post for something that isn’t exactly related with the picture or your niche. It will take you some time to find a great list of 30 laser focused keywords targeted to your niche and your perfect audience. But taking the time to work out that list, or even better a few sets of different lists, will be worth the time. Also it is important to not alway use the same set of hashtags. So make sure you have your 3 to 4 sets of hashtags for the right kind of image in place.

Don’t just post and walk away – engage with people!

Some images need an extra push to make it into the first few little hashtags as well. So add some magic sauce by immediately liking a ton of images in the related hashtags after you posted.

Also follow other accounts occasionally if they have a great vibe. It’s super important to make new friends with people who are just as aspiring as you. But make sure that the images you like and the people you follow belong to accounts that are actually active.

Get them while they’re on their phone

It doesn’t help at all if you go like a post that is two weeks old, or if you follow people that have been online 8 hours ago and asleep by now. You do that by only liking posts in the “Recent” section under a hashtag instead of the “Top Post” section or anywhere else. That way you are minimizing the risk of missing the people because their back to work or whatever.

Don’t aim too high

The smaller the niche you are trying to target the more “little” hashtags will you need to score good engagement. For instance if you are posting an image of a Donkey Kong plush figure from the 90s, you will need to keep it low with the hashtags.

The first 10 should be under 10k mentions. The next 10 under 30k, the next 9 under 70k and the last one might be a 100k hashtag. But if you post a Mario (much more famous) action figure, you can aim higher with you hashtags. Get it? Cool! Then go and crush it on Instagram!

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