From a technical SEO website audit, to a future oriented SEO strategy that takes the newest Google algorithm changes into account, i’ll create a content marketing plan that offers your visitors the value that is in demand today and that Google wants you to deliver.

Brand building, relevance and authority are the key factors for conquering the SERP’s in 2019. I’ll audit your website and find the weak spots that prevent it from landing in coveted first places on Google. Get in contact with me if you want me to audit your website for free

Brand building, relevance and authority are the key factors for conquering the SERP's in 2019


If you are a Berlin business that is competing with other Berlin based businesses and blogs then you don’t necessarily need SEO services that enable you to compete with the whole world. You don’t even need to compete with businesses based in Hamburg or London, right?

By targeting Berlin specific search volume and audiences you’ll be investing your SEO capital much smarter than investing it into broad, aimless SEO.

By covering state of the art technical SEO strategies and targeting berlin specific keyword volume i will give you the extra edge over your competitors here in Berlin.


Google is constantly rolling out updates and making changes to their ranking algorithm. By always staying up to date and monitoring the current changes by trying out new strategies and techniques on my own websites that i run, i make sure that my SEO game always stays on top.

Most SEO services out there are still using tactics that may have worked a few years ago but can hurt your ranking majorly today. Some of these tactics are: spammy backlink building, thin content, too much emphasis on social media, relying on keyword research tools, not considering google algorithm updates and much much more.

Nowadays we can see a huge shift away from quantity right to quality. SEO is much more than just looking at keyword research tools. Keyword volume estimations have been proven to be wrong by a huge margin, and a staggering amount of money has ben left on the table from businesses all around the world.

We live in the golden ages of SEO today, because foul play and grey- or black-hat tactics get punished by Google much quicker. I abstain from these shallow practices and will prevent you from getting penalized and help you bring your content onto a new level.

If you want to be on the forefront of SEO efforts, contact me and we’ll figure out a hands on plan how to get your content ranking on position one


Many SEO agencies are offering a ton of services besides on-page SEO, and most of those services like SEM and Adwords campaigns are just a huge waste of money. Generating traffic by investing into ad-campaigns is like running in a hamster wheel.

The sooner you stop burning that money and start investing it into a long term SEO strategy, your content will drive traffic to your sites completely on its own and generate momentum by itself.


I am specialized in technical SEO and content focused SEO. I believe in great user experiences (like clear call to actions (CTA’s), page speed, highly structured internal linking) high quality content and great communication.

All my strategies are completely CLEAN SEO and WHITE HAT SEO strategies. My intent is optimizing your page for the user, and improve your page substancially.

My services include:

– Free website audit (in video form)  

– Technical SEO (On-page & Off-page optimisation)

– Content Marketing (coming up with a great content plan and executing it to perfection)

– Brand building (building an authoritative brand that people and search engines trust)

– Social Media Growth Hacking (posting highly engaging content to make your pages send optimal social signals to your websites)

– Customer Service (keeping you informed regularly by sending reports and conducting phone conferences on a monthly to weekly basis)

Interested? Let’s get in contact.