The 3 most overlooked features for growth hacking Instagram

The most overlooked features for growth hacking instagram


When it comes to gaining followers and optimizing your reach on Instagram, people barely utilize the full feature set of the Instagram app. If you want to increase your Instagram engagement and get exposed by the Instagram algorithm you need to use the app in a way the developers would like to see it. While you are liking a bazillion pictures & posting multiple times a day you are leaving tons of potential on the table for growing your instagram page. So let me help you out with sharing with you the 3 most overlooked features for growth hacking Instagram.

Hashtags in stories: Broaden your story reach (+ a little trick)

This might be a more obvious one, but still very little people are using hashtags in their stories. That’s wasted potential AF. Especially now that Instagram launched the story search feature, we are given a very powerful tool to be presented to people who are looking for exactly what you deliver, It simply works just as in posts whereas you look even more spammy the more hashtags you use. But there’s a little trick you can use to add multiple hashtags in your story without letting people know. Just cover your hashtags with some other graphical element like text with background color or just paint over the hashtags with the color brush. Et voilá! You story has now much more potential to reach people.



The followings activity tab: Get them while they’re “on”

So here’s how you can get likes the organic way and also pretty fast after you posted something (because we all know what that means for your posts if you get likes shortly after posting them, right?).

After you made a post, go to your followings activity tab. Here you see all the recent activity of the people you already follow. Now go to the profiles of everyone who liked other posts in the last 15 to 20 minutes. Like all their recent photos that you really think are good, or if you already did that before write a genuine comment or even a message giving some props for the latest upload. The reason is to not only get the attention of the user, but also catch them while they’re still on the phone and in “Insta-Mood”. Even if it’s a bot, doesn’t matter. Just do it. The reason why this method is extremely powerful is because Instagram will notice that you are still reaching out and interacting with people you once followed, which will result in a higher social score. From my observations i am 100% positive that Instagram takes that into account and pushes your profile more. And a pleasant side effect is that, in most cases, people will feel like they need to return the favor and visit your profile. Then they will see your last killer post and like it. Boom! A 100% targeted, real like from an account you have real interaction with. Theres nothing better than that. And maybe they will even get into a conversation with you. Even better, because that is your opportunity to build some real relationships.



Post Notifications: An Instagram feature that you can’t overestimate

What can you do apart from liking posts immediately to signal your devotion for an account and make good relationships with the page owners? There’s a growth hack that is largely overseen by most people and some time ago when i was growing my instagram page i realized how much potential it had.

So here is it: As soon as you get notified by Instagram that one of the bigger “authority accounts” made a post, take 10 to 20 minutes out of your day to monitor the likes of the posts (just click on the “xx likes” and you’ll see a list of all “likers”) as well as the comment section and immediately engage with those profiles who look active and are related to your niche.

Two things could be the case: whether it is a fan that is also fast in liking the content of that authority account and you can turn him or her into a fan of yours too, or it is a random account that was liking all recent pictures under a particular hashtag of the guven post. Either way you can cath these users while they’re on their phone and utlize that to your advantage.



I hope you found this article about the 3 most overlooked features for growth hacking instagram helpful. If so, please let me know in the comments! If you want to know more about how you can grow your Instagram, maybe my Instagram manual growth project is of value for you too.


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