Why Instagram automation and botting will kill your engagement (permanently!)

So you are growing your Instagram followers and thinking about Instagram automation or even using a bot? Then let’s have some real-talk first. What is your goal? Are you some attention seeking, underaged teen who just craves the dopamine kick of seeing a huge follower number on your profile page? If yes, suit yourself. Get a nifty little bot and let it mindlessly puff up your follower count. This article is not for you. But if you want to build a real community, with real people who care for your page, or if you want to turn your Instagram page into a side hustle or even a real business – then read on.


Reality vs “what people want you to believe”

If you read a lot in forums like BlackHatWorld and other growth hacking or grey-/blackhat forums you’ll easily get the impression that Instagram automation is completely risk-free, and the way to go. Also, you might believe that a good follower base needs to consist of a six figure number or even more. Ok now, forget that. Just about everyone in those boards who has close to, or more than 100k followers used bots to grow their page and their follower base is mostly worth jack sh*t. Many will argue that this isn’t true, but first let’s be clear that most of these people will never show you their real statistics. Because their pages don’t perform and have low to no engagement on their posts. And if they do have lot’s of likes or comments then be sure that most of them are also bought.


Why people believe in instagram botting

The all-determining factor behind Instagram success is the Instagram algorithm. Every interaction counts, and that’s why people are doing everything to get likes and comments. The more likes and overall engagement your post gets after it was published, the more it will get pushed into the feed of other users. First your followers will get served, after that (and if your post received decent engagement) your post moves up into the explore page. Lastly, if your post was really successful it will be featured in the “Top Post” section. This is where real opportunity lies and your reach can explode. So it makes sense that people think that if they fake the engagement on their posts, they can get there more easily. But here comes the plot twist: Instagram isn’t stupid! They can detect artificial engagement and will punish your for it. Maybe not immediately, but over time.


Why not use bots?

In short: When your follower to engagement ratio, and your engagement in general smells like bullshit for too long, Instagram will eventually pull the plug on you flag your account. If that happens, your engagement will drop significantly with very little chance to get it back up ever again. Thousands of users have experienced this and forums are full of “how to get engagement back up?” threads. I will go into more detail about the process of why accounts get flagged another time. But obviously bot behaviour looks very different from human behaviour, which is easily trackable for Instagram. Nothing can act just like a human does, except for.. well.. humans. Humans don’t just like a ton on posts, they click on profiles, scroll through the page, go back and forth, maybe turn of post notifications or look at the website that is linked in the bio. All of this interaction gets tracked. And now ask yourself: Do you really think Instagram can’t distinguish between this and the static behaviour of a bot? Exactly.


The only exception when Instagram botting can be profitable

Let’s say you have enough money to buy an armada of servers, a dozen licenses for some Instagram automation software, really good knowledge about how to configure this software and a really profitable niche. If all of these factors come together nicely you can definitely establish a profitable business with Instagram. But i still wouldn’t reccomend anyone to go down that route. Because here’s the catch: If Instagram one day decides to really crack down on these automation tools, all of your pages will get deleted in one big wipe. Your complete business model will go down the drain and with it your invested money. Not to mention the time you will need to really learn how to configure the automation software. Because this is a science in itself. If you still think it would be a great idea to use bots for your Instagram endavour, let me kill you last remaining confidence with some hard facts.


A case study from Hubspot.com tested the benefits and downsides of Instagram automation and came to these three conclusions:

    • 1. Instagram automation leads to less engagement


    • 2. Organic engagement has a higher content reach potential


  • 3. Automation connects more with bots than humans.


So let’s establish a new affirmation for your belief system: 100k bot-created followers LOSE against 10k followers created manually in the long run. And especially if you want to build a community or little business that is supposed to create some continuous passive income for you.

Let me know in the comments what you think about instagram automation!


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  2. Phoenix

    Not really. I can scroll through the search feed and like about 2 pics per second. Sometimes I’ll pause, and comment. Click on profile. Then continue my like-fest. Bots can easily imitate this behavior.

  3. Phoenix

    It has become so difficult to get ‘human’ engagement with all the noise from bots that one has no choice but to resort to some automation. Perhaps get “drop links” from those teleg groups and like those links “humanly”. Some of them have so many links that it’s hard to humanly do. This becomes a challenge, so automation stuff like FollowLiker is helpful. Full botting is not a great idea, but some automation is inevitable unless IG completely kills bots, which it won’t, because big agencies and big ad spenders rely on that scale. This is not IG of a year ago, this is Zuckerberg-run.

  4. Phoenix

    What is ‘automation’ in that HubSpot study? If I use a tool to post drop links into, and then the tool likes those links instead of me, is that full automation? This does NOT reduce engagement, it blows it through the roof. Not sure what HubSpot was studying.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  5. Emily Quirq

    Hi! This is truly great content.
    I am using automation for two years already. I have business account and Instagram bot Ingramer.com performs really great. That what can’t disappoint you.

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